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Each of us here at Water Specialties, Inc would like to thank you for using, our new website designed to make your custom labeled water bottle ordering experience accurate and easy.

Choosing Water Specialties as your private label water provider is an easy decision to make, because you’ll be hiring a company with 15 years experience in the private label water market and 25 years experience in the commercial and industrial water treatment markets.

While experience is important, you’ll also be receiving the highest quality water bottles on the market.

What makes our custom bottles better than our competition?

First, our labels are printed on the world’s best 4-color process press using polypropylene material. This means your labels will be the most vivid, 100% waterproof, UV protected labels available for increased visibility.

Second, our water bottles are the heaviest weight bottles in the industry. Thereby, allowing for a larger label panel surface, and increased use. We also top our bottles with nicely designed sport and flat caps made by Alcoa, a leader in the closure industry.

Third, what’s inside our water bottles is as important to us as what is on the outside. Our premium purified drinking water along with our spring water sources are the cleanest and safest water sources available. Due to our commitment to quality and cleanliness, our state inspected bottling plant has been in operation since 1994 without citation and exceeds all FDA bottled water regulations.

Our company is proud of our active involvement with the Water Quality Association, and has several Certified Water Specialist staff members. To learn more about the Water Quality Association, visit

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